About Us

We are a full service Community pharmacy helping you to “Take Charge of your Health

Scepter Pharmacy is a full service Community Pharmacy located in Plano, Texas. Where patients receive professional personal care from the pharmacist and our experienced clinical staff. We take pride in knowing our patients by name and creating the old – fashioned pharmacy environment.

imageSince opening doors to customers in Plano, Texas, Scepter Pharmacy has proved to consistently provide affordable and high-quality medications and healthcare products to the community. Hence, we’ve become a highly recommended drugstore in the local service areas we cover.

It is our mission at Scepter Pharmacy to fulfill our role as the leading provider of medications and pharmacy services with the utmost proficiency:

  • To continually serve the community with quality medications
  • To be the choice provider of medical supplies for patients and healthcare professionals
  • To provide compounding solutions to patients with ensured quality in the resulting medications
  • To uphold and raise the standards in pharmacy services by setting an example