Flavor Compounding

imageMost of the time, patients want their medications to be customized especially when it comes to the medicine’s flavor. Our compounding pharmacists can easily create a customized medication that suits your preferences. Scepter Pharmacy has access to various flavor combinations that can enhance the taste and color of a medication to make its taste more agreeable.

A medicine’s taste plays a big part for the customers to take their medication on time and without fail. Even a kid won’t mind taking medication that is pleasant to his/her taste palate. Most PCCA flavors are sugar-free and even dye-free, which can benefit patients who are sensitive or allergic to such medicines.

Not only children can take advantage of our Flavor Compounding Services, even adults will find it convenient. People of different age changes their medicine preferences from time to time. Our compounding pharmacists will work with you to achieve a specialized medicine flavor that you like, without changing its effectiveness and strength. Scepter Pharmacy’s Flavor Compounding Services includes changing the medicine’s form to better cater to your needs.

Information read courtesy of PCCA, our independent compounding resource.