Pharmacy Services

Affordability and Quality Combined!

Scepter Pharmacy ensures that you only receive the best quality in the pharmacy services and medications you purchase from our drugstore. There’s great value in what you pay for and you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts. Here are the products and services we offer:

  • imageConsultant Pharmacist Services
  • Diabetic Equipment and Supplies
  • OTC Health and Wellness Products
  • Pet Prescriptions Filled
  • Immunization and Vaccinations
  • Natural Health Foods
  • Home Health Care Services
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • Personalized Services and Products
  • Compounding Services
  • Infant’s Care
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Body Lotion and Facial Cleansers
  • Shower and Bath
  • MedActive Oral Care Products
  • Specialty Pharmacy Services
  • Health Screening/Lab Services
  • We offer $4 on 30 days prescription and $10 for 90 days prescription on select generic prescription